Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mental Imagery / The Swing

"Seeing in the mind's eye"

Visualizing yourself doing the exact movement is golf's greatest key.

How to do so?

You have to know and see what a great golf swing looks like. You may see 1000 good golf swings on a weekend while watching the PGA TOUR on TV. But all of them are different and conflicting with one another in term of form and tempo.

3 steps. Repeat 3-5 times a week

1.Find a model

Find a pro golfer that fits your shape and most importantly your temperament as it will reflect in your tempo.

2. View and review his swing from different angles until you know it by heart.

Ex: Tom Purtzer

(Good exemple of a simple and powerfull swing)

3. Pratice

After watching 15 minutes of your model swings, hit the range. 100 balls max. Before each swing: Recall and see in your mind the swing of your model. Just should already see a big improvement in your ball stricking.

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